Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wall Street Journal Is Now Calling For World War III

It's sad that those that have the capability to reach a very wide audience don't know true history from the propaganda version taught in public schools and regurgitated in corporate media today.  Before my own self study and enlightenment, I actually believed all that I read, too.  There's a saying that only a fool agrees with everything.  Let's see if you agree with this one.  The Wall Street Journal had an article,"What This Country Needs Is A Good 5% CPI" by Brett Arends which I believe to be the epitome of the awful state of corporate owned media today.

Using government massaged statistics like Consumer Price Index (CPI), better known to those in the know as the Consumer Lie Index, as a yardstick is the first hint that you're about indoctrinated at the hands of the spin doctors working hard to make you believe everything is under control.

By far the grossest error in this article, however, is the notion that what we need to solve our economic malaise by going to war.  Apparently, Mr. Arends has been completely oblivious to the 10 year War on Terror and the fact that we have been fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with another in Libya just getting started.  You'd think someone reporting the news would actually be to up speed on current events.  Perhaps these wars are not grand enough in scale though.  What we really need is World War III.


The answer to all our economic problems... War.

Wake up people.  Stop reading and watching mainstream news.  This is the garbage they (the powers that be) want you to believe and it starts with propaganda like this.  When all else fails, go to war.  Nevermind it hasn't worked in the past ten years.  What we need is more death, mayhem, destruction to get people feeling good about buying things they don't need, can't afford, and ultimately, that their neighbors care nothing about. 

War is Peace.  Peace is War.  Are you familiar with that Orwellian spin?  Apparently, who needs love when war cures all, even a bankrupt nation.  After all The Wall Street Journal says so. 

God help us if you believe such nonsense.

John Montoya
JLM Wealth Strategies

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