Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Wise Man Builds His House on a Rock

I heard this recently and it made sense right away.

A wise person builds his house on solid rock. A foolish person builds his house on the sand.

This line of thinking works the same with saving money. We've all essentially been tricked into thinking banks and Wall Street. Just think about where you put your own savings.

It's probably sitting in a bank (you don't own or control) earning next to nothing or in the stock market at risk of loss, probably in mutual funds either at a local investment firm or through your employer retirement program like a 401k.

The best foundational place for your money is where it can grow tax-favored safely with contractual guarantees while allowing full access to your money, also tax-free.

Where is the safest place for savings? It's an Infinite Banking designed Whole Life policy through a mutual whole life insurance company. It must be a mutual company because the profits of this type of life insurance company go back to the policyholders, not shareholders on Wall Street! Also, a whole life policy has contractual guarantees to increase in value each year of the contract and it's even tax favored within the IRS tax code.

You probably don't know about Infinite Banking because the bankers and advisors on Wall Street are paid on Assets Under Management (AUM). They get paid to manage assets.   Nothing wrong with that but follow the money trail and it's easy to understand why they don't incorporate life insurance strategies more into their recommendations.

And the life insurance industry would just as soon hope you not learn about Infinite Banking because the large commissions that can be had on traditional Whole Life policies are only available if the industry can get you to buy as much permanent death benefit as you're willing to buy. This is the exact opposite of what authorized Infintie Banking advisors do.

Authorized IBC (Infinite Banking Concept) advisors structure policies for you with the least amount of death benefit to maximize the cash value of each policy. In doing so, we are able to replicate the exact same characteristics you enjoy with your local bank. The difference, however, is that with a Bank on Yourself policy, you control the flow of your money instead of outsourcing the flow of your money to you bank. That's why it's called Bank on Yourself! You are the bank.

Having control over the flow of money means being able to profit from the financing you do in your lifetime. If you think you don't finance anything, then please read my article "The Simple Truth About Money".

We emphasize the safety and contractual growth of a properly structured IBC Whole Life contract because it provides the foundation of wealth building. Simply put, it is the rock that you build your financial house on.

However, if you like building wealth on sand, your traditional Wall Street/Bank advisor probably has a few more mutual funds to offer you.

Interested in learning more? Go to www.IBC.guru

Thank you,

John Montoya

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