Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Different Perspective on Life and 401(k)'s

The thoughts below are that of Daniel Ameduri, Chief Strategist at Future Money Trends.  I thought he hit the nail on the head so I'm sharing his alternative view on life & 401(k)'s because it fits perfectly with how I think, not to mention the thousands of others who are awakening each day.  I like to think of this internet era we live in as a new Enlightenment.  We have access to so much information but the best ideas are still hidden from the masses.  With that said, please enjoy.

"When it comes to investing and life success, there are a few key things that stand out when it comes to my mindset and understanding of how things are:

  1. Human beings are like live stock
  2. Ignore the propaganda
  3. Do the opposite of the masses

What I am about to say on the surface may be offensive to some, it may make me sound like I have an elitist attitude, but please hear me out. Somewhere in my life, I don’t know the exact day, but at some point I realized that world governments have created a world of human live stock.

A dairy cow for example: eat, sleep, and get milked. A human goes to work, sleeps, and pays taxes. We are even taught a routine, go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a job, work, and then one day retire. In between working, acquire debt, mortgage your home, car, and most importantly send money to Wall St. by maxing out your 401k. Think about the pure insanity of the 401k, actually the pure brilliance. The government taxes you, however, if you put your money in a 401k, you can choose to pay your taxes later. By creating the obstacle of not getting to keep the fruits of your labor, the government has now created a solution, give your money to Wall St. The broker and fund managers get a commission, traders have someone to sell shares to, and you feel good that your money isn’t in your control but being guided by a licensed (Government approved) expert. The best part is one day (if you are lucky), you can withdraw this money out at a lower tax bracket, or what I like to call the “poorest tax bracket.” This is extremely risky business by the way, no one knows what the tax rates will be in 30 years.  All that the 401k has done is provided volume for Wall St (and billions in guaranteed fees with no guarantees in return).

Understanding the state of human beings is the surest way to exit the system for yourself, before you can ignore and exit the system, you have to first realize it is there. Accepting the fact that 401ks are nothing more than the rancher milking his cows, since it’s not by a direct tax, maybe we can call this type of milking ‘free range cattle.’ Knowing this you can either get upset, try and become a cattle rancher, or leave the farm.

If you can’t acknowledge that we have all been placed in a system of control, that you were born a debt slave, then you probably won’t be able to break free from the system."

Well said, Daniel.

This is truly how I think, too.  Most of the words in this blog post are Daniel's but the mindset I share with others on a daily basis is exactly the same.

If you decide you are ready and want to exit this system of control, this is where I can begin to help by helping you to learn the Infinite Banking Concept.

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