Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Sources for Alternative News & Opinions & Precious Metals

Courtesy of Robert Mish of Mish International

Precious Metals & Related Issues


GOOD SOURCES - Access by Subscription but worth it  (absolutely the best digest & analysis of everyone's articles + Jim Willie's own commentary)

24 HOUR Gold & Silver Price Data


Economic, Political & Cultural  news+ analysis + opinion

--We recommend subscribing to the free news+commentary email for each of these 10 above--

GOOD SOURCES - Subscription
Early Warning Report 800-509-5400 (well worth the small cost)


Freedom Tools & Resources


TELEVISION we watch for the viewpoints & educational entertainment
Freedom Watch  (nightly on FoxBusiness) -- cancelled Feb 2012
Stossel  (Thur-Sun on FoxBusiness)

AUTHORS & thinkers to watch for when they publish occasional free articles or are interviewed
Jim Willie
Steven Saville
Richard Russell
Gerald Celente
Jim Rickards
Peter Schiff
John Embry
Jim Rogers
Marc Faber
Edwin Viera Jr
Doug Casey
Andrew Napolitano

WORST and/or most disingenuous pundits/media darlings often quoted
Paul Krugman
Noriel Roubini
Warren Buffet
Jon Nadler
Ben Bernanke
Suze Orman
George Soros
Chris Matthews
Barack Obama

HEALTH & LONGEVITY newsletters & websites (Preventative, Alternative & Integrative Medicine)

Life Extension Foundation   (membership is a bargain)
Dr. Joseph Mercola  (free daily newsletter)--highly recommended
Mike Adams        (free daily newsletter)--highly recommended
Julian Whitaker M.D.  (+subscribe to Health & Healing Newsletter)
Jonathan Wright M.D. (+subscribe to Healing & Nutrition Newsletter)
Dr. David Williams (+subscribe to Alternatives Newsletter)
Robert J. Rowen M.D.   Second Opinion Newsletter 800-262-3164
Susan Lark M.D.   (women's health)
Natural Health Database

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