Monday, November 28, 2011

Yet Another Clue For The Masses (That Bankers Run It All)

You might think I'm kidding. Do bankers really determine policy? Do bankers really determine who has the best chance of getting elected? Do bankers have unfettered access to limitless piles of money?

Perhaps, maybe, no... who knows? Well, here's another clue to help you decide for yourself:

My advice stays the same. Keep in the banks only your monthly capital expenses. Nothing more. As this article points out, banks are operating on very thin ice and that includes the very largest banks in the country! So more than likely, you bank at one of these banks. Is this not pause for concern to you? The Too Big Too Fail Banks require secret loans to maintain operations.

We're on a slippery slope here.

There will be a banking crisis and it will be worldwide. If you don't own hard assets or have your currency offshore and/or held in domestically in insurance contracts with mutual life companies, I urge you to start taking action. As this article indicates, the banking system would have failed without the actions from the Fed to prop a failing banking system at the expense of the people.

What happens when reform actually happens and the Fed is abolished? There will be a necessary disruption to the banking system. All the evils of the Fed and fractional reserve system will have to be purged from our economy. It won't be pretty. And this is the good news if the choice is voluntary.

We might not have a democratic solution to ending the Federal Reserve. The global banking system might collapse long before the masses finally figure out the treacherous motives and deception of the Federal Reserve. If you're wondering what the Federal Reserve is and how it was created in the first place, I highly recommend you purchase from a copy of The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.

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