Tuesday, January 1, 2019

RE: Application Denied

Regret to advise that due to the medical history and recent accident noted in the medical records… application has been denied.

You’ve heard the saying: “early bird gets the worm.”  The last thing you want when planning for your future is to receive a message like the one above.  Unfortunately, I deliver a message like this every once in a while.

Case in point, I had recently been working with an individual who I first connected with in 2016.  For two and half years this person was on the fence about the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) strategy although this was a referral from one of my most successful clients, a client who has purchased multiple Infinite Banking policies for himself and family across different insurance companies for diversification purposes. 

As one of my strongest client advocates for IBC, he has impacted many in his sphere of influence sharing the many benefits of IBC with family, friends, and work colleagues.  Suffice to say, referrals from this client don’t need much convincing.  They have the testimonial to know Infinite Banking works.

However, sometimes people simply struggle to grasp IBC.  They still believe it is too good to be true. It happens and no word of endorsement from a trusted colleague or recommendation from an experienced advisor is enough to spur a final decision in moving forward.

Never quite ready to pull the trigger we lost touch for over a year.  Then from out of nowhere I get an email end of summer.  This individual is now finally ready.

We pick up where we left off only making minor revisions to update the plan.  Application is submitted, exam and medical records ordered.  Then a few weeks later there some issues with medical records.

You see it turns out this individual had a reason for their sudden motivation.  As the message at the top alludes, something happened.  A car accident earlier in the year was suddenly more serious than noted at the time of the application.  By physical appearances, the individual seemed in good health when we met in person.  In this case though, the eye test failed.

The bottom line, coverage was declined.   

Don’t let this happen to you!  Car accidents are one thing, but I’ve seen people wait only to later be diagnosed with life threatening illness.  We are not immortal.

If you’re on the fence about getting started, there’s a simple solution.  Lock in your insurability with a 10 Year Convertible Term Policy.

This is the shortest timeframe available for a Term Policy that will convert to a custom designed Infinite Banking Whole Life policy.  As an additional perk, a few of the IBC companies I partner with will apply as a credit the previous 12 months of premium paid upon the conversion of the Term Policy to Whole Life.  That’s like getting a move-in special of free life insurance for a year!

How much time does it take to pull the trigger on getting started with IBC? 

For most people, they get started with my simple and easy “3 Step Process”.  In fact, for those with an exceptionally clean medical and driving records, they get approved in as quickly as 48-72 hours from the time of application without even needing an exam.  I’ve even had people get approved with an hour of the application.  Simple and easy!

It’s the 80-20 rule.  Most will start immediately, but some will just choose to watch more videos and wait for a better understanding of the strategy, or who knows.   

My advice: Just don’t wait too long and allow life to get in the way.  At least do the sensible thing.  Get temporary protection and lock in your insurability with a 10 Year Term.   You’ll be able to convert that Term to an Infinite Banking Whole Life policy when the time is right (assuming this is done by the end of the 10 year term period).  No need for a future exam to determine your eligibility.

You’ll have 10 years to cozy up to the idea of guaranteed growth, access to your money tax-free when you want or need it without interrupting the growth, and the peace of mind of knowing the foundation of your financial plan along with your legacy is set no matter what happens around that curve in the road called life.

If you’ve been on the fence, let me know.  It costs you nothing to get a quote on a 10 Year Term Policy.  The choice you make from there is entirely yours.

Have a prosperous 2019!

John A. Montoya

JLM Wealth Strategies, Inc.
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