Saturday, July 19, 2014

Does The Perfect Financial Vehicle Exist?

If you could design the perfect financial instrument for creating multi-generational wealth, what attributes or characteristics would be important?

  • Liquidity – immediate access to funds for emergency, investment opportunity, financing big-ticket purchases, etc. with no restrictions/penalties or cost to access

  • Safety – institutions back by 100% solvency and highly rated by 3rd party rating services

  •  Guarantee of Principal – no exposure to stock market

  •  Guarantees on Growth – predictable long-term returns

  • Tax-Deferred Accumulation – similar to a qualified plan (401k/IRA) or annuity

  • Tax-Free Distribution – unlike a 401k/IRA or annuity

  • No Contribution Limit – contribute without imposed annual limits like 401k/IRA’s

  • No Distribution Limitations – no required minimum distributions at any age ever

  • Collateral Capacity – Grow your money uninterrupted even while you use it as collateral

  • Funding Continuation – in the event of disability

  • Avoids probate – keep your money matters private and out of the court system

  • Income Tax-free transfer - automatically increases in account value at time of death to heirs

These are all attributes of a perfect financial instrument.  Bundled together they can maximize efficiency, create safety, and allow for total control of your financial situation without any luck, skill, or guesswork required.   

The best part is that this financial instrument already exists.  In fact, it has existed for over 150 years and it works so well your local bank and Wall Street advisor don’t want you to know about it because it will eliminate their biggest source of fees:  YOU!

Think about it for a moment. Why borrow from a bank when you can be your source of capital and on your own terms?  Why risk your retirement to a financial advisor earning fees every quarter with no skin in the game while on the golf course while you sweat the next downturn in the economy?

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