Wednesday, August 25, 2021

5 Reasons Why Infinite Banking Makes More Sense Than You Realize

There's a reason our education system doesn't teach you about money.  There's a reason our education system doesn't teach how the banking system works.

Until you understand the reasons why, you are simply a pawn on the chessboard.  Limited in movement and the least important piece in the financial game we are living.

To help you grasp the bigger financial picture, you need to understand WHY Infinite Banking?

If you don't understand the reasons why, you're like a rudderless boat drifting whereever the current moves.  So here's 5 reasons to help you understand your financial WHY the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) should be examined for your situation to determine how you can benefit:

1. IBC is a financial system that guarantees what you want to have happen, will happen, even if you're not around to see it happen.   An IBC Whole Life policy (designed with a Paid Up Addition's rider) comes with the strongest contractual guarantees that can be found anywhere.  Uncorrelated compounding asset growth materializes every year without any luck, skill, or guesswork (even when you leverage policy loans to buy more wealth producing assets!).   

Whole life policies are the only type of permanent cash value life insurance contracts that endows meaning the cash value will eventually equal the death benefit regardless of whether that happens next week or at age 121.  The financial success of a Whole Life plan is reverse-engineered to provide an annual blueprint of increasing value.  No other place for money does the same.   Think about it.

2. IBC is full reserve system.  Unlike a traditional banking fractional reserve system where your deposits are leveraged to make new money to lend at interest, the life insurance industry is afforded no such money printing luxury.  By law, all liabilities must be equaled by assets on the balance sheet of a life insurance company.  This is called solvency.  The life insurance industry has it and must maintain 100% solvency by law.  This means money held by a life insurance company is with the safest financial institution and industry in the world.  This alone is reason enough why banks place up to 25% of their reserves with life insurance companies in permanent cash value life insurance contracts called "Bank Owned Life Insurance."  No life insurance company would ever risk more than they possibly have to in a traditional bank account.  Think about it.

3.  You 100% control it.  A Whole Life policy is considered an asset because it appreciates in value every year and it is owned by the policyholder.  There is government or 3rd party custodian with overriding control of a Whole Life policy.  401k/IRA's are created by the government meaning you partner with an ever changing landscape of politicians in Congress who in most cases fail to represent your best financial interests.  A Whole Life policy in comparison is simple because it is a unilateral contract (grandfathered in place) between two like minded parties:  you the individual and a privately owned mutual-based life insurance company.  No rent seeking 3rd parties needed.  Think about it.

4.  It cannot be taken away from you.  Money in a banking system can be confiscated at any time.  While it is your money, you must follow the rules set by the banks.  Banks can censor any of your financial transactions and are required to report anything deemed suspicious no matter how inoccuous.  The IRS can put a lien on your bank accounts and restrict your access without warning.  

A properly designed and funded IBC Whole Life policy is a private contract existing outside the realm of bank and IRS reporting.  Considered private property, it cannot be seized from your grasp (unlike a house).  In short, you have to abide by bank rules and be on good terms with the IRS to have access to your own money.  Think about it.

5.  You can live life on your own terms.  Infinite Banking is a strategy that creates an alternative financial system that protects you, your family, and your labor (translated into money).  Whole Life policies have existed for nearly 200 years largely unchanged because the contract law that protects it as an asset along with the actuarial science that guarantees the financial performance have been proven to work since they were first created.  

Although Whole Life policies were not created to function as an alternative banking system, if one examines the banking function of a traditional bank (and the true reason why people bank... we all need access to large amounts of capital throughout our adult life) and compare it the banking function with a Whole Life policy, you will discover a far more robust system for money that not only puts individuals and families first, banking with Whole Life (the IBC strategy) also provides long-term benefits for the economy with less of government meddling or "aid" from your local and federal overseerers.  Ultimately, the Infinite Banking strategy is about regaining your freedom from a top down system that doesn't ever want to be fully in control of your own life.  Think about it.

Elevate your understanding of money and banking, you will elevate your financial status.  No need to be a financial pawn.

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John Montoya