Friday, June 15, 2012

The Experts Get It Wrong Again

"Employees who work for companies with low fees and strong investment options — and who are fortunate enough to retire during or after a bull market — can do well in 401(k)s, experts say."

Quoting unnamed "experts" is another way the media pushes conventional wisdom and molds your financial behavior.  The 401k experiment has had over 30 years to get it right.  The so called "experts" are wrong.

WILL YOU BE FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO RETIRE DURING OR AFTER A BULL MARKET?  Fees matter but not as much as losing 20% or more of your nest egg at the wrong time!

Don't fall for the BS.  What you want are guarantees, safety nets, and free withdrawals anytime.  Wall Street cannot and does not provide them. 

If you have a 401k or IRA, let me know please.  The more options you have now, the more peace of mind you'll have later.  That's the truth no matter how you slice it.

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John Montoya