Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's In Store for 2012

There are still lots of brewing calamities that could cause a major financial panic in 2012.  Among them are:
  • The failure of one or more of the world’s largest banks
  • The outright debt default of one or more significant national governments
  • The US government takes further steps toward seizing the assets of private retirement accounts
  • A default in delivery by a sizable gold or silver exchange traded fund
  • A declaration of force majeure and the inability of the COMEX or London markets to continue operations
  • More concrete evidence that the Federal Reserve and other major central banks do not have all the gold reserves that they are reporting as being in their vaults
  • A continuing major downturn in the US real estate market
  • If governments around the world are uniformly unsuccessful at achieving major spending cuts
  • A detailed report of how and where hundreds of millions to billions of customer dollars were effectively stolen in the MF Global Holdings bankruptcy
  • Huge inflation of the money supply by major nations
There are more potential catastrophes than these few, but I think it gives you the idea.

If you have you're head in the sand, I would like you to realize that no magic cures for the world’s financial woes have been achieved, and if anything, the troubles are getting worse by the day.  I think you will only feel more comfortable once you have taken the steps to protect your family and assets.

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