Monday, September 28, 2009

The Benefits Of Paying Yourself Interest

All of us borrow money...even when we pay cash we are financing the purchase because the cash we spent can no longer work for us and earn money .

The price we pay for this is interest. Money we pay out for the privilege of using the banks' money for a space of time. That money that we earned is gone forever, never to return to us. Our income and lifestyle are reduced by this amount. But, it does not have to be...

The average American is spending 1/3 of what he earns after taxes on interest.

What, you say? How is that possible? The banks and other lenders have convinced people that they are the only logical, cost-effective way to borrow money. A personal bank is a way out of this tragic cycle.

That's right! Now there is a monetary strategy that allows you to become your own bank, paying yourself the interest that was previously lost permanently. Keeping that money so that it can be used again and again. Because...

It's not how much you earn...It's how much you keep!

WHAT could:

  • Turn your debt into personal wealth and tax free income for life?
  • Recapture the entire purchase price of everything you finance, business and personal?
  • Pay yourself the interest you now pay to Banks, Credit Unions, and finance free?
    It could be a lot of money!
  • Have your offspring gain access to a family bank that could finance their houses, cars, and anything else they need? Without ever borrowing from a commercial bank?

YOU WILL...Learn how to:

  • Create Asset Protection...INSULATE yourself from lawsuits and creditors.
  • RECAPTURE and leverage INTEREST AND PROFITS that are now paid to your bank and finance company.
  • Harness the power of DOUBLE COMPOUNDING INTEREST for a secure financial future.
  • WIN the money game - the amazingly SIMPLE strategy that can work for anyone.... including YOU!
  • Turn your life insurance policy into your most PROFITABLE asset...WHILE YOU ARE STILL ALIVE!
  • Create a FINANCIAL LEGACY that will be renewable and sustainable for your children.
  • Pay for and recapture the ENTIRE cost of college education for your kids.
  • Save a fortune on your home mortgage.
  • Make sure every dollar deposited in your bank leaves the tax system FOREVER… and how every dollar earned within your bank is TAX FREE.


It's not how much you earn...It's how much you keep!

Email: or call (800)208-6141 to learn more.

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