Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You Insure Your Most Valuable Assets. Why Wouldn't You Insure Your Retirement?

Most economists are saying that income taxes must rise just to pay off our national debt. Why would anyone take a tax deduction today at these historically low income tax rates, let your money grow tax deferred for a number of years, and then when you need your money in retirement have every dollar subject to income taxes? And the taxes due will most likely be on a larger sum of money and at a higher tax bracket?

The proper structuring of a life insurance policy provides substantial benefits over qualified retirement plans, such as:

  • Eliminate market risk while enjoying guaranteed contractual growth
  • Liquidity-- you don't have to wait until age 59 1/2 to access your money
  • No forced withdrawals beginning at 70 1/2
  • Virtually unlimited contributions
  • A tax free death benefit paid to your heirs or named beneficiaries
  • A TAX-FREE income at an age that you select.

This concept is not new. In fact the majority of Fortune 500 companies and major accounting firms use life insurance to fund their executive retirement plans. The key is having the right type of permanent life insurance and having a professional design the policy to eliminate as much as 70% of the commissions normally associated with these products. For more information, watch the video at www.CashValueBanking.com or request a free analysis by calling (925) 386-6639.

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