Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Is Your Risk Management Plan For The Next Market Downturn?

Peter Schiff has said,"Within the next several years we are going to have the real economic crisis that we didn't have in 2008 ... Every time the government stimulates the economy to create an artificial boom to postpone the pain they make the inevitable bust that much worse."

With QE2 coming to an this month and QE3 becoming inevitable even if it's given a different name, the question is how long can a false recovery last? It could be a few years or maybe a decade or longer. There are no quick and painless solutions. Certainly we cannot expect the people responsible for creating the problem to be the ones responsible solving them.

The bigger question is: Who has the bigger problem: our government or us? When, not if, the economy collapses, will you have the correct risk management plan in place? Relying on our government to protect us is not option. The government will be too concerned about protecting itself and seizing more power from the people.

If you read this blog, I urge you to start taking steps to protect your savings. Here's an additional article written by Peter Schiff titled End Game. I encourage you to read it and watch the very short video below.

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