Friday, August 12, 2011

Diversification is for Idiots

Diversification is for idiots.  Don't take it from me.  Take it from a successful investor and businessman, Mark Cuban.  He says the best thing to do is put your money in cash.  He believes "buy and hold is a crock of $%#!" and diversification is for idiots.

Does he know about Bank on Yourself? 

 He never mentions it but all the same principles of safety and liquidity he cherishes are available by holding cash in a Bank on Yourself policy, not to mention the numerous other benefits only available from a personalized Bank on Yourself policy.  The Bank on Yourself policy is the most secure place for cash to reside.  Like Mark said, investing your cash is foolish.  The game is stacked against you.  If you're in the stock market and you don't know who the fool is, IT'S YOU!  "Unless you know something specific, put it in cash.  You can't diversify enough to know what you're doing."

This is where Bank on Yourself comes in.  A Bank on Yourself policy is the only place where your cash is guaranteed to increase in value by contract every year for the rest of your life and it'll do so with favorable tax treatment and numerous other benefits!

You know I highly doubt Mark keeps his cash under the mattress.  He likely has it spread over numerous bank accounts but the best warehouse for cash is not a highly leveraged, government backed bank account earning next to nothing.  The best place for cash to reside is with a mutual life insurance company that is 100% solvent and has never required FDIC guarantees because the entire life insurance industry is regulated by the government to have more capital reserves than liabilities AT ALL TIMES! 

This means unlike the banking industry, the life insurance industry is completely self-reliant and abides by the principle of personal responsibility which of course is a very American characteristic.  No government bailouts required for 100% solvent life insurance companies.

For more information on how to save your cash and avoid being someone who Mark refers to as an idiot, get in touch with me so you can start sleeping like a baby, too.  And remember, the highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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