Monday, April 16, 2012

Competition, Like A Banking Cartel, Is A Sin

Contrary to what the unsuspecting public thinks (if you even think about it!), the Federal Reserve was created to protect the interests of the largest banks. Quite simply, the Fed is a banking cartel. The purpose of any cartel is to eliminate competition. As Rockefeller once said: "Competition is a sin."

Forget what an establishment President (read puppet) aims to accomplish
. The Federal Reserve is unelected and by controlling the money supply, it is far more powerful than a President held in check by the different branches of the government. As such, we will never see an end to Too Big To Fail Banks without the simultaneous end to the Federal Reserve.

Furthermore, OBama and Romney, if elected, have no interest in shutting down Fed operations which serve only to expand the interests of its shareholders: the largest banks. They are both part of the status quo and if you haven't figured out which presidential candidate wants to shut down the Fed, turn off the news and stop reading the mainstream press.

Go to youtube and listen to Ron Paul. It's time to wake up. Privatized banking is an individual solution to banking fraud that holds those who participate captive.

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