Thursday, October 27, 2011

Will The Dollar Crash?

It's not a matter of it could happening. Our politicians are incapable of correcting what was set in motion many decades ago. They are, with a few notable exceptions, subservient to the powers that put them in position of leadership.

When banks control the money supply, they have the ability to buy power in form of elected leaders, media outlets, corporations, etc. How do they do that? By having a window to the money making machine.

The Federal Reserve doesn't have a dual mandate like most people think. Congress has been duped and so have the rest of us although the awareness of the deception is spreading now. The Fed has one mandate and that is to serve the biggest banks.

The Federal Reserve is a cartel meant to stifle competition (which is what a cartel is supposed to do) and it has been overwhelmingly successful in doing that since it's creation in 1913.

I'll keep it simple. The only reason why what we're seeing in Greece hasn't happened here is because Greece can't print their own money. We can and that's exactly what we have been doing. However, before long other countries aren't going to buy our treasuries. The Federal Reserve will have to put itself in position to buy the treasuries. It's already started happening. That's what QEII was.

The bottom line is this, all fiat currencies fail. All of them. Read the dollar bills in your wallet. You are holding bank IOU's. It says Federal Reserve Note at the top. Do you see it? Just like the Mortgage Note you signed to buy your home, it's an IOU. It was created from nothing and like all IOUs, interest is being charged.

Who do you think collects the interest? Banks, of course. It's a scam and we don't know it, but the big banks and the Fed know it and they'll keep the con going for as they possibly can. With the ability to issue debt based money, bankers can control not just individuals but entire countries. Our money, and by extension our country, is controlled by bankers. It's so easy to see if you just know where to look.

The endgame: people holding dollars will be wiped out. These dollars won't be worth the paper they're printed on. A dollar is not money. It's the ghost of money. Once people figure this out (and they are starting to), more people will be running for the exit. When that time comes, it'll be a stampede.

Could a miracle happen? I suppose. I think people would be best diversifying out of the dollar until that happens. Just don't hold your breath. I do believe the greatest transfer of wealth will happen in our lifetime in the next 10 years, possibly sooner. Those who study and know how to prepare will wealthy overnight compared to those have faith in the govt and our financial system and are decimated. Voting left or right will not be a solution. Neither side can prevent what will happen. Only the free market can correct it and the longer the crash is delayed, the worse it will be.

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