Monday, February 8, 2021

Bitcoin Newbies: The Best Way To Start Owning Bitcoin

If you are new to Bitcoin this is a quick start guide so you can get started OWNING Bitcoin. Make it your goal to own 1 Bitcoin. With only 21 million Bitcoins that will ever be created this is an asset class that you need to dip your toes into so you're not looking back in 5-10 years wishing you had. 

Follow me on Twitter for content to help you better understand what Bitcoin is all about but just like you don't need to understand how the internet works to shop on Amazon or do your online banking, you can start to own Bitcoin safely and in the case of my first recommendation, Lolli, you can begin to own Bitcoin without buying it directly on any exchange. 

Bitcoin is the internet of money. It's time to start building a position if you haven't already!

(FULL DISCLOSURE: the links below are referral codes.  You and I may both receive Bitcoin when you use the referral code to register.)

Earn Bitcoin When You Shop


Earn Bitcoin when shop at over 1,000+ partner stores like Ebay, Nike, Adidas, and Priceline.  See the pic below how I earned $20.52 in Bitcoin when I used Lolli to rent a car for my next vacation via Priceline.

Use my Referral Code and we'll be earn free Bitcoin:

Where to Buy and Hold Bitcoin


Buy, store, and earn interest on your Bitcoin (and other crypto) while you hold it. Easiest to use exchange that combines earning interest.  Only available on your mobile phone.

I'm inviting you to start investing in crypto with Voyager. Download the app and trade $100 to get $25 of free Bitcoin.

Use code 7JPYZM or this link to claim your BTC:


Store your Bitcoin and earn interest like a bank. You also have the ability to leverage your holdings via loans like you can with Infinite Banking Whole Life policies.

Join Celsius Network using my referral code 1698339749 when signing up and earn $30 in BTC with your first transfer of $200 or more! #UnbankYourself

To use Celsius you'll first need to own Bitcoin.  Use Voyager to buy Bitcoin and you can then send your Bitcoin from your Voyager wallet address to your Bitcoin wallet address (think of this as your account number) on Celsius.

Think of this as a 1-2 punch.  Buy on Voyager, store on Celsius.  Buy on Voyager, store on Celsius.  No need to get complicated as you do your own research and gain confidence.

Also, while you can earn interest on your Bitcoin on Celsius, Celsius will allow you to bank your Bitcoin holdings (take loans against it).  If you are an Infinite Banking client, you will understanad the importance of being your own bank. 

(Update March 17, 2021:  the interest rate offered by Celsius and Voyager on your crypto holdings fluctuate.  Currently, Voyager is paying 6.25% on Bitcoin and Celsius is at 4.06%.  Voyager currently has the higher yield so it would make sense to keep a majority of your Bitcoin on Voyager for the time being.  Remember this rule, never have all your eggs in one basket.  As you build a portfolio, allocate it across different accounts.)

Recommendations On How Much To Buy

Only invest what you can afford to lose.  Bitcoin shouldn't be more than 10% of your portfolio.  As you build a base, it is likely Bitcoin could become more than 10% of your net worth but only invest what you are willing to lose 100% of and you will sleep at knowing you aren't risking your life savings.  Let investing in crypto happen over time by dollar cost averaging.  As a Bitcoin Newbie, $10-$200 as your monthly budget can afford it will allow you to start building a position that you can confidently grow into as you learn more about Bitcoin.

Do you have time to unwind before going to sleep? Go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole with me on Twitter.  I link a lot great articles and videos about crypto... also Infinite Banking, Austrian economics, and free market principles but crypto dominates my Twitter feed.  It's a great resource because I'm already curating everything for you.  

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