Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Trust But Verify

Trust but verify.  This ethos is heard often in the Bitcoin world but the same adage could easily be assigned to Whole Life.

So many people dismiss Whole Life at first mention because of what they think they know.  Most people’s understanding of Whole Life, in my experience, is based on someone’s misunderstanding. 

But there’s a very easy way to determine if Whole Life is what portends to be from those who claim to really know it and those who dismiss it so easily.  Verify.


Easy.  Talk to an experienced and qualified expert in Whole Life. Connect with someone like myself who has 20+ years in the life insurance industry, co-hosts a podcast, licensed in 45+ states, and happens to walk their own talk.  

I can answer all the elusive questions.  I can also go a step further to show you how a Whole Life policy can be structured to guarantee a future outcome:  

Retirement income

Rainy day fund

Capital for investing in real estate and business ventures

College funding for the kids

Excess pool of money to cover a long-term care health event

Tax-free transfer of wealth

And all within a budget you can work with.  All verifiable.  No need to trust me or whoever might be in your ear leading you astray.  See for yourself.  As it’s said:  The proof is in the pudding.

You can reach me here:

CALENDAR:   Www.IBC.guru

Thank you,

John Montoya

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