Thursday, January 26, 2012

Investments Can Freeze, Too

In time of need, frozen assets are as useless to a person as air is to a fish.  Yet many people have put their savings into investments which can never be liquidated without serious loss.

Of all places where money can be stored for protection from loss, short and long-term security, and tax-favored growth, a dividend paying Whole Life insurance contract is the only place money can reside that is most flexibly adapted to your personal needs when those needs are likely to be most urgent whether now or in the future.

  • It guarantees to you a tax-favored growing fund available on demand for any purpose you desire.
  • It guarantees to you a regular tax-free income (under current tax laws) when your earning power is diminished and or has ended. 
  • It guarantees to your spouse and children a regular income when you are no longer able to provide for them.
If you have other investments which proved disappointing- and who hasn’t?- why not decide now to put more of your future savings into a private contract with the most solvent financial institutions in the world: life insurance companies.  A private (as opposed to government sponsored and controlled retirement accounts like a 401k/IRA) contract is always liquid and never fluctuates in value regardless of the economy.

Would you like to know how a guaranteed life insurance contract can benefit you?  Call JLM Wealth Strategies at (925)386-6639 to learn more.

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