Saturday, October 26, 2013

Becoming Your Own Banker

Becoming Your Own Banker 

Becoming Your Own Banker/IBC (Infinite Banking Concept) also known as Bank On Yourself under a different trademark has been one of the best financial secrets for decades. It’s a fundamentally sound philosophy that frees you from the Wall Street/Banking system that holds everyone captive for life.  Best of all, it’s surprisingly simple to implement.

Becoming Your Own Banker has numerous benefits, including the fact that it’s private, it’s tax-favored, it’s untouchable by lawsuits, and it compounds money four or five times faster than any other savings vehicle in existence.

Those are incredible benefits but there’s one more you need to know about.

This benefit could be the biggest of them all.

I’m talking about using your IBC/Bank On Yourself plan to cover everyday expenses such as vacations to Europe or anywhere you choose, rent, college tuition fees, and medical bills.

I’m also talking about using your plan to invest in the stock market, options, gold, bonds, or fine art.

You can even use it to start your own small business. (There are tax benefits to doing this.)

In short, Becoming Your Own Banker is like having your own bank. You can take money from it anytime you want. You spend this money however you like and you can pay yourself back whenever you want.

You’ll never have to pay interest to another financial institution again.

No more credit checks.

No more loan applications.

No more sleepless nights.

When you consider how much money the average person “throws away” by paying interest and fees to banks, credit card companies, and other financing businesses, you can see that the ability to use your Becoming Your Own Banker policy as your own financial system is a benefit that could easily be worth several million dollars over the course of a lifetime.

Watch the videos on on our site ( and then contact JLM Wealth Strategies to request more information.

John A Montoya, Founder of JLM Wealth Strategies and began his career in financial services in 1998, and is one of only 200 financial advisors in the country who have successfully completed the training program required to become a Bank On Yourself© Authorized Advisor.  John also is an IBC Practitioner with the Infinite Banking Institute and holds a B.A. from the University of San Diego. 

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